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Willow Chamber of Commerce, Alaska

Guide to Willow This guide is intended to present both essential and interesting information to newcomers, long time residents or simply passersby who wish to know more about Willow. Limited copies have been made of the first June 2009 edition. It is our intention to update, improve and add information for a second edition next year.

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The Willow Chamber of Commerce has proudly represented the business community of Willow, Alaska since May 8th, 1987. Our members work hard year-round to provide the warmest hospitality, information and services necessary to make your Alaskan Adventure the very best it can be. By using the services of Willow's Chamber of Commerce members you're guaranteed to have wonderful adventures in America's last frontier!

What is a Chamber of Commerce and what does it do?

A chamber of commerce is a local association of business people organized to promote the welfare of their community, especially its commercial interests. Each chamber of commerce usually has an elected board of directors, and its work is done through committees. Among the activities frequently carried on by these committees are industrial surveys and efforts to attract new industries to the city, the provision of information and advice to government on topics ranging from labor disputes to taxes, and the promotion of tourism in cities.

The chambre de commerce of Marseilles (1599) was the first organization to use the name; the idea spread through France in the 17th and 18th centuries. The first to be formed in Great Britain was on the island of Jersey (1768). In America, the first was the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, organized in 1768. By 1870 there were 40 throughout the United States.

The local chambers are federated in the United States Chamber of Commerce (founded 1912) which maintains a technical staff at its Washington, D.C., headquarters and lobbies in the interests of its member organizations. Its membership includes three million companies, three thousand state and local chapters; and eight hundred and thirty business associations. American chambers are located in 82 foreign countries and those of other countries have offices in the United States.

Just one of the activities the Chamber does

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Willow Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 183, Willow, Alaska, 99688, US
Phone: (907) 495-9000

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